Candy Spray - Quick Detailer

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Candy Spray is the ultimate way to effortlessly install a lustrous gloss to your paintwork. Signature Super Slick Detailer is an extraordinarily easy product to use, Spray on any surface dry or wet, wipe and buff to reveal an unrivaled shine. Can be applied to paintwork, glass and conditions exterior trim. Extensively formulated using the latest synthetic polymers, the Super Slick Detailer provides immediate protection to your paintwork.

Can be used to remove fingerprints, smudges and light soiling quickly & safely to reveal an unbelievable shine. When used on top of a Wax, Glaze or spray sealant will not only enhance the gloss but add a further layer of protection.

An extremely versatile product which is a must have in any enthusiasts/ detailers tool kit.

  • Sweet Shop Fragrance
  • Quick & Easy to use 
  • Adds an ultimate layer of gloss to any surface
  • Adds immediate protection to any surface
  • Leaves a slick finish to any surface