Exterior Bundle

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Our Exterior Bundle contains all the essential items required for a perfectly clean exterior.

1x 500ml Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner

1x 1L Superfoam

1x 1L Pure Shampoo

1x 500ml Eco Dressing 

1x 500ml Quick Detailer

    1. Use our Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner diluted down 1:10 lightly soiled / 1:4 Heavily Soiled, Spray onto wheel and tyre and agitate with a variety of wheel brushes, Rinse wheel
    2. Spray Superfoam through a foam lance using 1-2 inches of solution
    3. Add 4-5 capfuls of shampoo into a bucket and use a wash mitt to mitt the car down
    4. Dry the vehicle. Super Slick quick detailer can be used on a wet or dry vehicle
    5. Apply eco dressing to tyres or plastics